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Our small mushroom farm cultivates 36 different species of fungi: oyster, lions mane, shitake, maitake, reishi, turkey tail, and fungi that control insect parasites!

We're a small urban farm in Golden, BC focused on sharing farming/gardening wisdom, growing quality gourmet mushrooms, and crafted with care medicinals


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What We’re All About

Farmed with Care, Grown for Everyone

42 years ago, I decided to learn about specific choice edible species of mushrooms each year. I would learn about it, learn how it grows, where it grows, and know what it's symbiotic with. I found that some of these species are really, really yummy! Wild sourcing does not provide the rear round supply of mushroom goodness we call Umami.   

What do we represent?​

I stand for the connectedness of all life with understanding from a human standpoint.  This includes the health and well being of all life, more specifically the health and well being of life generated by mushrooms and the fungal network (we are all connected) and through compassion which enables the connectedness.  

Humans have been using mushrooms for healing and health for 3000+ recorded years.  Without the benefits of sciences, we started that journey.  Observing other mammals behavior may have started the process to speed learning of the benefits of mushrooms for health and healing.  Modern medicine does have real benefits, though a lot of it of it is synthesized (chemical) versions of what mushrooms offer naturally.  I have chosen a path of learning and applying mushroom knowledge to health and healing.  Join me on this journey! 

Sustainability - Although a tree is itself inedible, a mature hardwood tree weighing 1.5 tons can produce 300 kg of gourmet mushrooms using my cultivation practices of supplementing hardwood sawdust with agricultural byproducts with wheat bran, beet pulp or soy hulls being most common and including a calcium source.  Although I am not proud of my utilization of plastic in the farm, I recycle as much as I can.  Myceliated sawdust is a GREAT additive for garden soil and farm soils. Some myceliated sawdust is utilized in mycoremediation. I use with great results.

We use a LOT of cleaning vinegar and soap as cleaning agents, reserving our use of Isopropyl Alcohol and Chlorine for sanitation of tents and floors only.  Its mush more labour intensive but, far better for our environment.  This is what we do and why we do it.  We are all connected and are connected with all life.

Once I ate my own crop of oyster mushrooms, that was the entry point into the rabbit hole of cultivation. The array of flavors and textures available in mushrooms is so vast and can be so delicious it makes you want to grow and forage for more! 

While I am Will, and this is how I got myself into the business of Mushrooms, Mushroom Will takes a team of dedicated friends and family who keep our farm going. 

We hope to "Save the world one mushroom at a time" by providing organic, clean, small-batch gourmet mushrooms and hand-crafted mushroom products in the hopes that we share with more people the wonderful qualities and capabilities of this fabulous fungi. This is our ethos because if we continue to consume every living creature, the planet's ability to rebound and regenerate won't be the same. 


We want to teach people that meat is replaceable and possible with delicious mushrooms. (Despite how yummy meat is!) 


We hope that in Saving the world one mushroom at a time we save animals and biodiversity. That's Mushroom Will and that's what we stand for. 

Thanks for reading. 

All the best, 

Will Cunningham. 


Meet me at the Market

Puppets, Mushrooms, and Mountains

We all meet Wednesday at the Golden, BC Farmers Market, you, the sky, and the weather! Join us Saturdays at the Invermere Farmers and Artists Market!


If you're in town for the summer season or the indoor winter/fall markets, drop by my booth. We can chat about fruiting blocks, mycology, foraging in BC, or the benefits of Lionsmane; let's learn about each other. 

Saving the World One Mushroom at a time

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